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A dead animal cries louder than a live one.

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Agh Jul. 12th, 2008 @ 05:09 am
My nose is so stuffed up I want to shoot myself.  I can't even sleep.  I've tried nasal spray and benadryl.  I am going to curl up in a ball and suffocate now.
Current Mood: sickstuffed up

Mar. 13th, 2008 @ 01:56 am

Crap Mar. 7th, 2008 @ 09:30 pm
I think the free Fusion razor that Gillete sent me for free in the mail a year and half ago is finally dead.

Time to sell my organs and buy a new one.

Coincidence or fate? Mar. 4th, 2008 @ 09:30 pm
I just logged onto a friend's computer and I clicked a link and found out Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons and Dragons died.

Immediately Bruce Hornsby's "That's just the way it is" started playing.
Current Music: Bruce Hornsby - That's just the way it is

Veggies Dec. 13th, 2007 @ 10:17 am
Does anyone know any good vegetable subscription services in Seattle?
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» Libertarians gone wild
What the motherfuck...

Aaron Russo (producer of Libertarian, Alex Jones-type videos such as Freedom to Fascism) and his nut-job, McCarthyist, Xtian friends have come up with:


With the American jury eduction program you can...

" * The Student shall learn his rights.
* The Student shall be able to identify the spirit of tyranny.
* The Student shall be able to resist the spirit of tyranny using peaceful, non-violent, and legal ways.
* The Student shall be able to exchange fiat money and unsecured lines of credit for real money capable of withstanding inflation to help in times of economic collapse.
* The Student shall be able to terminate unsecured debt quickly, legally, and ethically once and for all!
* The Student shall be able to add three others to this program.
* The Student shall be able to earn $2,350 for completing this course.
* The Student shall be able to accomplish this in 45 hours or less."

The program seems to focus on spiritual enlightenment via a few bible verses, intermittent quotes from known socialists like Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., and George Orwell, along with long videos ganked from such entertaining places as The Learning Channel. Most days seem to consist of about an hour or two of watching videos, the first day has about 4 hours of activities alone.

The program seems to think it will change America by educating juries. You know, the ones where most citizens get paid all of $10 a day to sit in on? The ones that are unaffordable even if you employer pays for the first two weeks of jury duty?


…each juror has more power than

* the President,
* all of Congress,
* all of the Judges
* all of the above combined!

the Congress can legislate (make law), the President or some other bureaucrat can make an order or issue regulations, and the Judges may instruct or make a decision,

but no juror can ever be punished for voting "not guilty!"*


The scheme seems to involve buying into a prepaid legal service company, buying silver dollars, and finally somehow tricking the banks into saving yourself a whole 33 dollars!

"Start making a difference by letting us help you eliminate your debt. This process will free you and your loved ones financially, while reducing the amount of money available to the corrupt banking cabal. For every dollar of debt you legally eliminate through us, you’re cutting roughly $33 out of their pockets because of their fractional reserve banking scam. We’ll show you how quickly and easily we can help you legally eliminate your debt. Understanding the realities of the world isn’t enough, real action is needed."

I'm sure Citibank is probably gonna cry when they lose their whole $33 dollars. Kind of like when the Cheesecake Factory cried when you didn't take your S.O. out to dinner last Friday. Asshole.

No word on that promised $2350, I'll let you know when I figure out to scam that hoarse-talking fatass Aaron Russo.

We can only hope I once again pi.ss off the fundies like I did when I wrote a review of the Left Behind video game, the company personally commented on my LJ about the implications of Jesus' teachings.
» Medi-Share: Christian uninsurance program
Ironic that they fall into a semi-socialist scheme:
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" - Marx, Critique of the Gotha Program

Medi-share is similar to a non-profit insurance company, although it makes no guarantee as to payments. In lieu of or in addition to payments, it is possible to receive merely prayer cards. Unfortunately, the prayer treatment has never cured amputees. (it also has the curious effect of actually making it more likely for many patients to die)

Also gotta love the tag line, "the Biblical Healthcare solution." Fuck, in Biblical times, what did they do, knock bad teeth out with rocks?

The program's contract not only excludes tobacco users, drinkers, drug-users, gluttons, and non-Christian fuckers (ya know, Sodomites!), but it also excludes people who get AIDS via gay sex, and abortions of a fetus (fetus eh? I smell a loophole!).

Cuz its not like Jesus healed lepers and made friends with whores or anything...
» Coalition of the Willing

No, I didn't forget Poland...

» Watch one of Throbbing Gristle's best or pay a $250 deposit at Scarecrow

» Register for Open Classes
Term* : 07FQ - Fall Quarter 2007
Subject : BETH - Business Ethics

No courses meeting search criteria were found.

» Death of the American Dream
Say goodbye to the possibility of ever owning a house, a car, and 2.5 kids because the largest mortgage in the US could go tits up.

The subprime loan meltdown is forecasted to have ripples in the economy, as major debt buyers from China, Japan, and major oil-producing countries threaten to demand their money back. It is more of a game of chicken, waiting to see who will sell first. Floods of money are being injected into the economy to increase the amount of liquid cash for investors, in a last ditch effort to prop up the world economy.
» stupid popup discoveries

Now, was it my university who stole pictures from a porn site or a porn site that stole pictures from my university? Either way, hilarious!
» Its all for the kids

» Brothers stick together

» See
Dawkins can keep his cool:

» Because only communism produces hillariously bad products

Not the profit-driven market!
» Yea, fuck those stupid libertarians who said Net Neutrality was a non-issue

Yet more evidence that we are all fucked.
» Ugly tattoos

Wow, scars on your face to commemorate child abuse, a creepy crucifixion scene, and I can only assume a generic baby to represent their anti-abortion stance.
» Middle Names in Disguise

» The Secret Cold War

Chris Hedges and Naomi Klein, w00+

"Israel is currently lobbying the United States to launch aerial strikes on Iran, despite the debacle in Lebanon. Israel’s iron determination to forcibly prevent a nuclear Iran makes it probable that before the end of the Bush administration an attack on Iran will take place. The efforts to halt nuclear development through diplomatic means have failed. It does not matter that Iran poses no threat to the United States. It does not matter that it does not even pose a threat to Israel, which has several hundred nuclear weapons in its arsenal. It matters only that Israel demands total military domination of the Middle East.

The alliance between Israel and the United States has culminated after 50 years in direct U.S. military involvement in the Middle East. This involvement, which is not furthering American interests, is unleashing a geopolitical nightmare. American soldiers and Marines are dying in droves in a useless war. The impotence of the United States in the face of Israeli pressure is complete. The White House and the Congress have become, for perhaps the first time, a direct extension of Israeli interests. There is no longer any debate within the United States. This is evidenced by the obsequious nods to Israel by all the current presidential candidates with the exception of Dennis Kucinich. The political cost for those who challenge Israel is too high."

"The weakening of the United States, economically and militarily, is giving rise to new centers of power. The U.S. economy, mismanaged and drained by the Iraq war, is increasingly dependent on Chinese trade imports and on Chinese holdings of U.S. Treasury securities. China holds dollar reserves worth $825 billion. If Beijing decides to abandon the U.S. bond market, even in part, it would cause a free fall by the dollar. It would lead to the collapse of the $7-trillion U.S. real estate market. There would be a wave of U.S. bank failures and huge unemployment. The growing dependence on China has been accompanied by aggressive work by the Chinese to build alliances with many of the world’s major exporters of oil, such as Iran, Nigeria, Sudan and Venezuela. The Chinese are preparing for the looming worldwide clash over dwindling resources. The future is ominous."
» Eat this cat macros

» Back from New Orleans as of Friday
What an amazing city. I didn't really feel threatened there and I feel as though I have new lust for life now that I am back. I find myself less afraid of things before, more willing to practically kill myself on my bike, etc.

Common Ground is a dedicated organization full of diversity. Union workers, people who live off the grid, former Black Panthers, black residents, white students, former drug addicts and prosititutes, cultural Catholics, anarchist punks, people of all colors, Guardian Angels, Rainbow Family, LGBT people, everyone. It is truly humbling to see all these people work for a common cause and also to see them fight amongst themselves.

The strongest and weakest point of Common Ground is its lack of structure. It is the thing that allows us to adapt and have our hands in a million projects at once. Some of Common Grounds current and former projects include: house gutting, electrical work, bioremediation, health clinics, legal clinics, tool lending, prisoner interviews, alternative energy, wetlands regrowth, house building, food distribution, clothing distribution, women's shelter, ex-convict training, bicycle repair, media collective, tech collective, computer lab, etc. Yet at times the lack of structure prevents Common Ground from getting enough funds, labor, or willpower to do what is necessary.

Overall, I ♥Common Ground.
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